AoL – What documentation to complete

Once you have identified that your module is participation in AoL, you will need to collect results demonstrating how well are students doing in relation to HBS AoL Goal. Results are collected using specially designed AoL Rubrics. Module Leaders should complete attached rubrics, using student names or student ID (SRN) numbers for each module you lead (only for those modules participating in HBS Assurance of Learning, see AoL mapping spreadsheet to find your modules).

Students should be awarded 0 to 2 points. We have added descriptors/definitions on how to assess students in relation to each HBS AoL Goal/Criterion. Only a representative sample of students (a minimum 1/3 of the entire cohort) should be tested against HBS AoL Goals/Criteria. Results for a sample should be recorded on provided spreadsheets – please do not amend any parts on the attached spreadsheets, with an exception of adding more rows to record a necessary number of students. Please, save your spreadsheets with a Module Code and HBS Competency Goal/Criterion number.

The spreadsheet should be ideally completed when marking students’ work to ensure that you award a correct number of points to the relevant assignment. If necessary, you can add a relevant AoL Criteria into an assessment marking scheme. However, we understand, that this is not always possible. We therefore ask you to return all results by the end of each semester. It is essential that results from ALL programmes are recorded and returned to me, as this is a crucial part in achieving AACSB accreditation.

Rubrics can be found by clicking a link below – please select only necessary rubrics.

Link to Rubrics