AoL: Assurance of Learning Goals and Criteria

As part of the AACSB learning process, HBS identified an opportunity to build tighter links between programme objectives and the overall mission and vision of the School.  Based on its mission and vision, HBS has developed a strategy which places transformation at the centre of the student experience and both defines what we seek to achieve as a School, as well as rallying efforts to achieve this. The transformative agenda is newer than the Graduate Attributes and the exercise of developing over-arching Learning Goals, that sit across undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, allows the opportunity for the School to define what transformation is to a student of HBS, and from there a platform for measuring whether this transformation has, in fact, occurred or not. In this way, Assurance of Learning (AoL) becomes a central, valuable tool to help HBS locate the transformation agenda within the Graduate Attributes, define it and measure progress to achieving it over time.

The HBS Learning Goals, based on the UH Graduate Attributes, were presented to the School in January 2018 and are outlined in image 1.3.  After conducting three pilot stages and testing a small number of HBS Learning Goals, the schools has conducted a small-scale survey, aiming to receive valuable feedback. Feedback was received from Module Leaders, who have participated in various pilot phases. Feedback received was positive in nature and indicated that HBS Learning Goals are indeed acting as a platform for measuring whether this transformation has, in fact, occurred or not. Feedback from various pilot phases has also indicated that alignment process of HBS curriculum against HBS Learning Goal does not only serve as a measuring platform, but also acts as a curriculum improvement tool, allowing Module and Programme Leaders to identify areas for improvement.

Additional results of small-scale staff survey indicated that a second dimension should be added to HBS AoL Goals to implement a more specific measuring mechanism. Following staff feedback and a consultation with Assurance of Learning committee, the schools has produced a set of HBS Learning Criteria, which define each HBS Learning Goal and allow a more precise alignment of curriculum against HBS Learning Goals. Full description of HBS AoL Goals and Criteria are outlined in the below document: