Below section will cover frequently asked questions and other tips:

Why can’t I just use my module assessment grades?

This process is about measuring the performance of the HBS Goals and our achievement of these across a whole programme of study. The module grades reflect performance in relation to a number of  Module’s Learning Outcomes (MLO) and for AoL purposes we are interested only in one MLO, linked to a Specific AoL Criteria to ultimately test all 6 HBS AoL Goals.

Which assessment tool can I use to assess the HBS Learning Goals?

That is up to you. However, we recommend that any type of coursework is used to do so. Type of assessment will depend on module learning outcome linked to HBS AoL Goal i.e. presentations for spoken interpersonal communication, group work for constructive teamwork approach, etc.

So, I have to assess/test my students, twice?

AoL is not about assessing students, but about ensuring that each student is achieving school-based AoL Goals, embedded into each programme. We are therefore asking you to use existing assignments.

Do I need to complete any documentation?

Teaching staff of participating modules will need to complete an AoL rubric awarding points to a sample of students on each participating module.

Do I need to let students know that they are being assessed for against AoL Goals?

No, not at this stage. Once accredited, the school will be included into AACSB-accredited list and this can be promoted amongst students.

Is there a deadline to return templates/rubrics?

Yes, by the time an exam boar takes place.