AoL – Assurance of Learning process and cycle

HBS Assurance of Learning (AoL) is a cyclic process, aiming to ensure that all HBS students graduate with a set of competencies and skills, preparing them for successful employment and professional development (see image Main stages of AoL at HBS) below.

Main stages of Assurance of Learning (AoL) at HBS

Main stages of HBS AoL include:

Stage 1: Validation of Goals and Criteria

  • AoL project lead used UH Graduate Attributes to run a questionnaire among the Programme Leaders and created Learning Themes based on their responses.
  • Derived Learning Goals and subsequently more specific Learning Criteria. Validated Learning Goals and Learning Criteria with the AoL committee.

Stage 2: Alignment of curriculum and production of mapping matrixes

  • AoL project lead asked Programme Leaders to identify (or to ‘nominate’ suitable modules). Subsequently this process was replaced by curriculum mapping exercises to achieve a closer link between AoL Criteria and Module Learning Outcomes. Individual approach to each of the Programme Leaders has proven to be the most effective.
  • Approached each of the nominated Module Leaders and liaised with them. This includes a full briefing on AoL process, familiarising MLs with the documentation, review of any issues, etc.

Stage 3: Recording and measurement of data

  • Created and subsequently improved measuring templates.
  • Collected data using Excel spreadsheets and paper-based rubrics.
  • Repeated the cycle, starting with 1 Learning Goal and increasing to all Learning Goals across all programmes.

Stage 4: Analysis of data and production of reports

  • The process runs on a 5-year cycle – each Learning Goal will be tested twice per cycle
  • AoL project lead produces a report to AACSB with visual, statistical and verbal analysis of findings, as well as an action plan related to further development and improvement, future direction of the AoL process.
  • Early findings are included into internal documentation and are stored for accreditation purposes
  • An action plan to be developed based on any issues related to AoL Goals on a Programme Level

Stage 5: Closing the loop

  • HBS to implement an action plan and test results of implementation.
  • Test AoL Goals and collect data. Feedback on changes due to implementation.
  • Assess changes due to action plan and close the loop.