Anonymous Marking – Guidance for Students

Anonymous marking – Student Information

From September 2014, the majority of assessed coursework will be marked anonymously. As this is a new process, it has been agreed with the Student Union that your student registration number (SRN) will be used for anonymity. You will find your SRN on your student ID card. This change has been made in response to student feedback, and has been trialled in some Schools across the University over the last year.

Submitting your assignments anonymously online

To support the anonymous process, please ensure that you do not put your name on your work, either on the front cover or coversheet, within the document, or as part of the filename. Your tutor may advise you to include your student registration number (SRN).

Submitting your hard copy (paper) assignment anonymously

All assignments submitted on paper should include your student registration number (SRN). Again, please ensure that you do not put your name on the front cover, on the coversheet, or within the document.

Exceptions to anonymous marking

There will inevitably be a few exceptions to anonymous marking due to the nature of some coursework: for example: live presentations (as in these, the tutor sees who you are!) and dissertations (as your supervisor will have many meetings with you during supervision, and your project is, of course, unique to you). Tutors will inform you if, due to practical reasons, your
assignment will not be marked anonymously.