Top Tips for Creating a Successful Assessment Brief

Is the assessment title, format and submission time/date clear?
Does it explicitly address precise LOs, so it fits the purpose?
Have I discussed this method/format, due date, word count and the exact LOs addressed, with my other programme/team members (to avoid repetition or testing the same skills)? Is there a balance of formative/summative, individual/peer/group work?
Is this assignment different from past ones (UH UPRs, 2012) yet has global accessibility? Can I be more innovative, whilst in line with the DMD? (e.g. allow students to choose method: report/video/ poster)
If a choice is possible, are the options clearly marked with relevant marks shown?   Are all instructions clear, specific and concise (max. 2 pages) with the latest FULL details in the Module Guide?   Are penalties, online/submission procedures, feedback information included? Ensure collaborative and individual work is identifiable.   Can students see how this assignment contributes to the Module, with (%) worth, hours on task and instructions stating purpose/context/goals of the assignment?
Is my written assignment a good example of clear UK English (correctly spelled) and of correct Harvard referencing?   Consider why/how a student might fail. Are the ‘Essential’ instructions clearly stated, e.g. use of diagrams, headings? Adapt the Assessment and Grading Criteria to your needs, i.e.  number of references required, % for creativity, etc.
Are the grading criteria mapped to THIS EXACT TASK? Is there a % allocated for each grading component, e.g. format, content, evaluation, understanding, researching and Harvard referencing?   Are my additional assessment requirements also clearly added to the Assessment and Grading Criteria sheet?    
Does my Module site include examples of work (good, average, weak) plus useful plans, models, podcasts or YouTube links?
Finally, have I completed this task myself, using any websites I suggested – so I know it will work!?