Top tips to support BME student success

1. Learn student names, it makes a huge difference

2. Invite participation, from all students, verbally and through your body language

3. Manage student groups to move students beyond friendship groups to benefit from cross cultural learning

4. Facilitate discussions with students regarding how working with people of diverse backgrounds enriches their own learning

5. Assess your own racial or cultural biases; develop an understanding of how your experience, values, beliefs and stereotypes inform the way you interact with individuals whose racial background differs from your own

6. Review and develop your teaching materials (e.g. reference lists and case studies) to include BME authors and BME case studies

7. Consider opportunities for students to be inspired by BME role models (e.g. guest lecturers, video clips or interviews)

8. Model appropriate language and behaviour and be confident to address any racist and discriminatory behaviours

9. Whenever possible, use anonymous marking

10. Use informal and formal feedback mechanisms that capture feedback from all students